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From the Japanese words yaki (grill) and tori (chicken), literally translated to "grilled chicken.

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Goma Shimoda

Mr. Goma Shimoda, who comes from Tokyo, Japan, has been working as a chef for 16 years from the age of 25. Having opened his own yakitori restaurant, Yakitori Ayamaki "Goetsu" in Akasaka in Tokyo in 2005. Chef Shimoda brings a truly Japanese Yakitori experience to Umai.

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Chef Shimoda places great emphasis on the choice of charcoal by only using the high-grade charcoal" Kishu Bincho Charcoal" from Wakayama, a strong, hard and heavy charcoal that produces a high-temperature, short, powerful fire for yakitori, whose unique far-infrared coating helps retain the flavour and juiciness of the meat.

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Chef Shimoda also uses Mataichi salt a sea salt from Kyushu Island, Fukuoka for yakitori, the salt is made by pumping seawater over dried bamboo grass hung within a huge bamboo frame.

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